Four Reasons Why Mutual Fund KYC Is Important

Every business, irrespective of their geographical location of operation, must be ethical. Investing in mutual funds is one of the best ways to secure your future financial security and therefore it is highly recommended. However, just like any other business, there are processes to follow. Of great importance is the requirement that every new investor accurately fills and submits mutual funds KYC form. These forms are not any different by what the banks and other financial institutions ask when opening accounts and venturing into the stock market. You must therefore know your KYC as you prepare to invest.

However, most people assume that the most important thing when investing in mutual funds is the money. Yes, money is important but you cannot be allowed to invest without being known. Here are four reasons why you have to complete your mutual fund KYC before being allowed to invest.


Relationships founded on money may not be among the best, but they are necessary. Just as you carefully have to choose your mutual fund agent or insurance company; it is only fair that they also get a chance to know the new investor in town. It is through the mutual fund KYC form that they realize this. It is their form of introduction because you will be doing business together. Know Your Customers forms enables the company know the investor; not just their names, but also financial dealings and other details so that they can be able to serve them better to their expectations.


Insecurity is an issue of major concern globally. Cases of money laundering and terrorism financing have been on the rise. There are many powerful wealthy people who prefer stashing their loot in offshore accounts. These cases are minimized by filling the KYC mutual funds forms because the management then gets a chance to verify the legal identity of the investor and ascertain their intentions before allowing them to invest.

Free Choice of Mutual Funds

The mutual fund KYC form is only submitted once and can be updated later. Once approved, you don't need to fill different forms whenever you want to invest in any of the many types of funds available in the market today. It opens the investment doors for you, giving you the chance to go through the market and choose the best funds that suit your needs and future investment plans.

Other than the security of others, mutual funds also play a crucial role in safeguarding your investment. They are detailed and can be used to verify the authenticity of claimants in your absence. It is therefore very important that you fill the Know your KYC forms with utmost accuracy because everything has to tally with other records. Falsifying information can result in rejection of your application or even risk your investment in future.

Reasons Why Buying Bags Online Is Recommended

Are you considering buying bags online? Well, to the skeptics, this is a very viable method of shopping for bags from any part of the world without moving a step from your cozy home. If you can order your next meal online, why not leather bags anyway? It is not just convenient, but also affordable.

Convenient: Hit the web for your bags online shopping without leaving your home. This is actually one of the main reasons why most people purchase almost anything online. The purchase process is simplified and fast. Some sellers of high quality bags such as Viari ensure that buyers get exactly what they ordered for, on time and budget.

Variety: Most people love the malls. Yes, you can touch and feel the bags but in most cases, you will be limited to whatever is in stock. Ladies love variety; if you buy bags online, you can browse thousands of inventories, compare designs from world's best designs, and scrutinize the prices before eventually making a purchase. If you don't find bags online that suit your taste, you are free to move to the next website because online, anything is possible.

Payment Options: Most people who have tried bags online shopping in the past cite the variety of payment options as one of the main reasons they prefer buying their bags online as opposed to doing it physically. You can now pay for anything you buy online through Paypal, Skrill, credit cards, debit cards, plus many more. Note that all the above payment methods are secure and therefore you don't have to worry about the security of your finances.

Grab Amazing Discounts: Competition seems to be the only constant thing in life, especially in business. Most people buy bags online because of the stumble upon irresistible discounts and offers. You stand to save a lot if you opt for bags online shopping because that is what determines the market leaders from the rest.

Despite above attributes, it is important to point out that the quality of your bags online shopping is to a large margin pegged on the type of store you click on. Take time to go through their stock, return policies, shipping, and payment methods, among others. It is also wise to spare a few minutes to go through online reviews and ask just any burning question. If you are convinced and everything has been clarified, you are free to proceed with the purchase. Companies such as Viari have perfected in this for Indian shoppers and therefore highly recommended.

Reasons Why Buying Bags Online Is Recommended

If you are looking for apartments in Thiruvanmiyar, Chennai, leading builders Harmony Homes is starting construction now. Harmony Homes Emerald is situated at Block No : H50&51, 26th East Street, South Avenue,Kamaraj Nagar,Thiruvanmiyur.

There are 16 apartments available at 1825 sg.ft each. Each flat is 3BHK, made with luxury finishes. There are several fantastic features in this building that will not want to miss out on, such as:

  • Indoor games room/multipurpose room (perfect for any occasion)
  • Air conditioned gym so you can work out no matter what the weather is like.
  • Children's play area
  • Recreation room
  • Elevator
  • Covered car park
  • Power backup so you’ll never be without power
  • Internet/telephone lines with broadband connectivity
  • Fully landscaped areas for anyone who loves being outside
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Security intercom
  • Gas leak alarms
  • Video security systems.

In addition to all of those amenities, your new flat is close to the Thiruvnmiyar bus depot, and has easy access to IT companies, railway station, bus stand, shopping malls, hospital, temples and is close to ECR/Adyar. Emerald is a homogeneous community featuring only 3BHK flats and promises to be the home of your dreams.

Would you like to know more about the luxury specifications? After reading through this list, you won’t want to go with any other reputed builder. Read on to see the technical details that will make this project amazing.

The structure will be made of high quality chamber brick walls externally and finished with cement paints. The interior is plaster and plastic emulsion to create a high quality seal. The distance between each the floor and roof is 9’7”, so people of any height will fit right in.

Flooring: Vitrified 2ft by 2ft tiles of excellent quality in all areas except the bathrooms and balcony. Bathrooms and balconies will have nonskid 1ft by 1ft tiles so you can be sure to stay safe even when things are wet. The staircases and lobbies will be laid with granite tiles and create a stunning entrance to the building.

Doors: Polished teak wood door panels and frames for the main entrance, measuring 7’ by 3’9” and strong locks, brass hinges and stainless steel tower bolts for hardware. Internal doors are also teak with excellent quality locks. Don’t worry about the toilet doors either as all doors for toilets are water resistant and 2’6”.

Windows: UPVC single glazed swing open type windows with steel grills if needed. Toilet windows will also be equipped with UPVC ventilation.

Kitchen: The granite kitchen counters will be 2 feet by a minimum of 10 feet. Also included is a stainless steel sink with minimum 3 foot long drain board. The kitchen counters will be high enough to easily accommodate all appliances easily. As well, the backsplash will be glazed tiles 2 feet high.

Toilets: Western style WC in all bathrooms. Fixtures from Parryware/Hindustan, and colour design glazed tiles up to the full length of the wall to match the flooring. With hot and cold water piping, you’ll never run a cold bath shower again.

Water supply: There will be a deep bore well for ground water and two underground sumps with a minimum capacity for 15,000 litres each. The ground water will be tested and appropriate water filtration and treatment will be installed so there’s no need to worry if your water is safe.

Lift: There will be one elevator installed, capable of carrying up to eight people at a time.

Waterproofing: Your home will stay safe and dry with waterproofing done with thermally resistant Biolite product.

Electrical: With copper wiring and 3 phase electrical connections, along with many outlets in each room, your devices will not run out of power.

Now that you know what we have in store for this project, how can you say no? Contact Harmony Homes now to enquire and reserve your dream home today.